Thanks for taking the time to read our donations page!

Hot Diggity Dames strives to give you daily images, bios, and videos of the most stunning women in the world, along with tons of fun site add ons that will keep you entertained for hours.

However, it’s not cheap running the site, and that’s where you can step in (if you could). All donations are extremely appreciated, every little bit helps, but even if you cannot afford to support the site but want to help, a share on any social media platform helps a ton as well.

All donations received by you wonderful people will be re-invested into Hot Diggity Dames to make the site even better! Here are some of the things the money will go towards:

  • Monthly Site Fees (to keep the site up and active)
  • New/Upgraded Plugins (WordPress has lots of cool plugins, some are free, and others require to be purchased, we have a few in mind that we’d like to add to make the user experience better)
  • Faster Site (upgrades to allow faster load times, and more users on at a time)
  • Prizes (we’d like to host contests with cool prizes as we reach certain milestones, and on special events)

Along with cool new features on the site and a follow from us on your social media accounts, donors also get to be put on the Donors Wall of Fame, which will be displayed at the bottom of this page for all to see. You can put whatever you like here, your name, some social media accounts you can be found at (to get a little extra followers), the website you made, or anything else you can think of (within reason). So if you’ve donated and want to get your name up, simply send us a message on any of our social media accounts, with how much you donated, along with the information you’d like up on the wall (name, social media accounts, website, how much you donated, etc.).

Thanks a million for taking the time to read this message, and for supporting Hot Diggity Dames, we hope you enjoy all of the content!



Donors Wall of Fame:


Name: Robotic Brit
Amount: $20.00
Twitter: LINK
Youtube: LINK